A Short Guide to Critical Race Theory

At Wokepedia, we believe that one of the most effective ways to prevent woke heresy is to understand it. We’ve put together this bullet-point list of tenets of Critical Race Theory as a guide for our readers so that you can analyze the teachings of various pastors, professors, and other evangelical leaders for yourself. Use this key as a means of identifying woke CRT preaching when you encounter it, and share this with others who may find it to be a useful, analytical tool.

Tenets of Critical Race Theory:

1. Racism is anything in a given culture that results in non-white people having statistically less success for any reason.
2. Race is a purely social construct with no basis in biology.
3. The Western world is inherently racist because it was founded by racists.
4. The systems built on the foundation of the West are inherently racist by virtue of the same.
5. White people are inherently racist because they inhabit the systems built on the foundations of the West.
6. Western systems are racist even if they are not inhabited by people who hold any racial prejudice.
7. White people who object to being called “racist” are in denial.
8. Atonement for racism must come in the form of antiracism.
9. Antiracism is the work of deconstructing Western systems and replacing them with systems that deprioritize Western people and their cultures.
10. “People of color” have insights into racism that white people do not and cannot see for themselves, per standpoint epistemology.
11. White people who ask for people of color to educate them on racial subjects are still trying to subjugate people of color.
12. White people who do not listen to people of color are ignorant, non-inclusive and perpetuate racism.
13. “Inclusivity” means the inclusion of oppressed minorities in priority positions of power, and the exclusion of non-woke white people.
14. “Diversity” brings standpoint epistemology to bear by the inclusion of people of color throughout the entirety of an organization in positions that would otherwise be held by white people.
15. People of color have a voice. If a person of color denies the tenets of critical race theory, that person of color is a body of color, but not a voice of color.
16. Equality means enacted prioritization of people of color in every possible instance and the dismantling of Western systems.