Eric Mason

Name: Eric Mason
Born: July 13, 1973, Washington DC
BS in psychology from Bowie State University
Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary
Doctor of Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Occupation History: Board member at Acts29
Co-youth pastor / prison ministry coordinator at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Adjunct Professor at the College of Biblical Studies Houston
Regional Director of the Urban Schools Alternative at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Occupation Current: Pastor of Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia 2006-present
President of Thriving 2010-present – Thriving has done nothing since 2019, but has not officially shut down
Author, Speaker
Known For: Woke Church
Associations: TCG, Desiring God, Acts 29

Eric Mason is most well-known for writing Woke Church (which contains a foreword by Ligon Duncan), which is self-explanatorily a book about how the American Church should adopt “Woke” principles and ideological tenets. He is also pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in Philadelphia. Predictably, Mason’s views are starkly anti-conservative and heretically Leftist.

Mason has claimed that “Whiteness has caused blindness of heart,” as the Enemies Within: The Church film revealed. Even more pointedly, Mason has stated that “black people that aren’t saved” are not “under a curse,” but rather “They’re under white foolishness. That’s what they’re under.” He claims that unsaved black people are suffering at the hands of God’s cursing white people with “blindness of heart.” Mason’s anti-white perspective is fundamentally opposed to the Biblical view that all people are created in the image of God, and that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).

Mason also preached a sermon entitled “A Biblical Case for Reparations.” In that sermon, he proposed that the U.S. Government pay tuition for all black students in America, fund historically black colleges and universities, and reimburse all black people who have paid student loan debts. More than that, he has also advocated for “psychological reparations” involving payment for 200 years of counseling.

Eric Mason has falsely accused Christian apologist James White of racism, saying that “He deems black churches as the most unsound, anti-intellectual, history/theologically resistant, etc. in the body of Christ globally.” White responded to Mason’s accusations by clarifying that he had criticized the Black Hebrew Israelite cult, but not because they are black; rather, he criticized them because they are an unbiblical cult.

Eric Mason has also claimed that whiteness is inherently responsible for the mass abortions produced within black communities. In a Tweet from February 9th, 2019, Mason wrote that “When white say speak out on abortion like you do other atrocities against AA’s [African-Americans] I’m waiting for them to speak out on all the history of racism in this country. What nerve to say that w/ the history they deny that created the environment for mass abortions in the AA community.”