Mid-America Seminary Shuts Down Trevor Loudon:

By Micah Sample, Wokepedia Editor

On Saturday, April 30th of 2022, Trevor Loudon, the expert researcher for the film Enemies Within: The Church was scheduled to speak at a Cultural Engagement conference event at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary. The event organizer, Citizens for America, asked EWTC to sponsor the event, and EWTC agreed, upon the condition that they would be allowed to show the film. It should have been a rather routine event, and the message of the film should have reached its intended audience that day.

Unfortunately, that did not happen. Mere days before the documentary showing was supposed to occur, Judd Saul (director of the film) received word that Mid-America Seminary President, Dr. Michael Spradlin, had called Citizens for America to pressure their organization into retracting their permission to show Enemies Within: The Church. Over the course of the next few days, Judd Saul and his team spent several days attempting to contact Dr. Spradlin and other Seminary faculty to find out why they cancelled the film showing. After all, the event was not an official Mid-America Seminary event. They were merely the venue for Citizens for America’s conference.  By that point, promotional materials and copies of the film had already been shipped to Cordova, Tennessee, and plane tickets for Trevor Loudon and the rest of the movie crew had already been purchased. Meanwhile, the event organizer made no announcement regarding the cancellation of the film showing.

Given the nature of the situation, Trevor Loudon decided that the best course of action was to show up to the event and speak as planned. And that is precisely what he did. Loudon called his audience to action, citing James 4:17 as a warning against political apathy and complicity with evil in the Church: “For he who knows the right thing to do, but does not do it, for him it is a sin.”  He detailed the importance of Enemies Within: The Church, highlighting the history of Leftist ideology’s infiltration into American Christianity, beckoning his hearers to do the right thing at every opportunity, regardless of popularity (or lack thereof). “We have a crisis in the church. Why isn’t the church impacting the culture?” he asked. “Because the church has been impacted by the culture to such a degree that it’s actually abandoned many of its core precepts. It has softened the message. It has dumbed things down to try and make things more acceptable to the culture.” His speech rang with undeniable accuracy; no one could deny that what he described was true. “That is not the role of the Church, people! The role of the Church is to guide the culture! We are here because we want to see this become a Christian nation again,” he declared.

Unfortunately, Trevor Loudon’s message was not appreciated by everyone at the event, though he was met with cheers and applause from the audience. He had determined not to let the Seminary President’s slight slip by unnoticed. Instead of ignoring Dr. Spradlin’s behavior, Mr. Loudon called him out on the spot. “I went to the President of this Seminary here, today, and asked why this movie was not allowed to be shown. And I shook his hand, and I was as polite as I could possibly be. And all I got was: ‘Well, we showed it a few months ago, so we don’t need to show it again.’ That was it. After that, I parted on a handshake, and after that, we were told we can’t share the trailer, now, either.” Shortly afterward, the live stream of the video was pulled, and Dr. Timothy Pigg, a Steering Council member for the Conservative Baptist Network, walked onstage and pressured Trevor to leave.

We obtained footage of the events which transpired after the live feed was cut from Citizens for America’s Facebook page and published them on Rumble. We encourage all of our readers to watch this video and ask: “Why was Trevor Loudon treated so harshly by Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary and Citizens for America?”

Judd Saul issued this statement in response to the events which transpired at MABTS:

“The leadership at Mid-America Baptist theological Seminary just went to go pull Trevor Loudon off the stage and they cut off the live video feed because he was exposing the fact that they shut down the showing of our film.

To put this whole thing into context.

We were called up by the event organizer Citizens For America, and asked to sponsor the event. We sponsored the event predicated on the fact that we were going to show the film at the event.

We got word last week that the Seminary president Dr. Spradlin called the event organizer and insisted he not show the film at the event.
We spent several days trying to contact Mr Spradlin and faculty at the Seminary to find out why they were trying to cancel our film at an event that wasn’t being put on by the Seminary itself.

We had already purchased plane tickets and shipped things out to Cordova Tennessee for the event. I spoke with Trevor about going and he decided he wanted to go speak to the crowd. Many people showed up to the event expecting a showing of the film. No announcement by the event organizer was made that the film wasn’t being shown.
Trevor decided to explain why the film wasn’t being shown and who made the order.

In the middle of Trevor’s speech they rushed the stage and pulled him off and cut the live video feed and proceeded to try and throw out our entire crew from the event.

This is what happens when you speak truth in a Southern Baptist institution. Instead of just owning up to it, they like to hide and play games.

This is why the southern Baptists even the ones who claim to be conservative always lose. The Bible says let your yes be your yes and your no be your no. The Honorable thing would have been to provide the real explanation as to why they shut down our film. The honorable thing would have been to let Trevor finish his speech. The people that showed up to the event were owed a TRUTHFUL explanation.

Everyone on our film team stands on truth. It just seems that there are too many that are afraid of the truth even if they claim to be on our side.
We don’t play games. Don’t care about positions. We’re not respecters of person’s. We also do not value “gentleman’s agreements” over truth.
There are thousands of churches across America that are being infiltrated by Marxism. There are millions of Americans being led astray by a false gospel.

Playing games is over.