National Day of… Woke? A Call for Change From the Family Research Council

Why is the Family Research Council promoting woke people, including individuals who openly promote Democrats that stand in opposition to FRC’s values? That’s the question we have, and we want to see this not just changed, but openly acknowledged and repented of. FRC, if you still are a conservative, Bible believing organization opposed to abortion and LGBT nonsense, and still for the promoting of Biblical values, then address this right away.

We’re referring to FRC’s promotion of the National Day of Prayer event organized and sponsored by the National Day of Prayer Task Force, another Christian organization which we call to repent. When we saw FRC promoting this to their supporters, we were flabbergasted that FRC would promote such a poor selection of speakers.

Men such as Lecrae, and Nick Hall stand in opposition to God’s Word. These men are not the only ones with convictions biblical Christians should find offensive, but we will use these two to demonstrate the issue. Let us start with Lacrae. He has promoted radicals such as Stacy Abrams, Raphael Warnock, and Jon Ossoff.

On the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration, Lecrae tweeted “Feels good to be on the right side of history. Which of course is the anti-racism, pro-life from womb to tomb, care for the marginalized, anti-Christian nationalism, anti-abuse of power side.”

Let us be clear, the “anti-racism” pushed by Lecrae and the left is not rooted in the Bible, but the Marxist idea of Critical Race Theory, which breeds more hatred. The same goes for “pro life from womb to tomb,” which is often used to push socialism and a soft or pro stance on abortion. The rest follow a similar pattern of being something other than what the words might initially suggest. Has Joe “right side of history” Biden improved any of the areas Lecrae references? No, he has only made things worse for all Americans. This “right” side of history is not very right.

Returning to Lecrae, that is all in addition to his support for BLM, joining protests (riots), his refusing to take a Biblical stand homosexuality and abortion, and promoting ideas such as systemic racism.

As we mentioned, Lecrae is not the only personality causing concern. Let’s take a look at Nick Hall, whose recent “Together 22” conference was sponsored by He Gets Us, another problematic organization that we’ve already covered in great detail. 

Nick Hall has described racism as “America’s original sin.”

Has defended violent rioting by claiming the criminals are just victims.

No matter what atrocity has been committed, real or perceived, rioting, looting, destruction, and murder is never the solution. Nick Hall paints criminals and vandals with a broad brush to make them look like victims. He does say he condemn their actions, but removes the weight of the condemnation by promoting the lie that it is the system is to blame, not them.

There’s more. Nick Hall also has promoted a woke, Democrat group that seeks to push Christians to vote for candidates that violate God’s commands, known as the “And Campaign.”

The point of all this is not to chase after and prove every detail, but to give a quick overview to justify the question: Why is FRC promoting an event with people like this? We call on the leadership of the Family Research Council to repent of this promotion of heresy, to do so publicly, and to prove that they have the integrity required to push back against the lies that are taking so many people captive. Paul’s warning to the Christians at Colosse applies to us today: “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ” (Col. 2:8).

The issues we have highlighted here are not peripheral. They are core issues that address the very nature of the human condition and man’s most basic nature and needs. The ideas Lecrae and Nick Hall are promoting are anti-Christian and unbiblical. Whether they are promoting these false ideas knowingly or unknowingly, FRC should know better than to promote and platform them.

We call on any and all supporters of FRC to petition them to repent. Do not let this issue slip by. Is it because we have something against FRC? No, it’s because errors like this lead to bigger and bigger compromises, and thus should not be left unaddressed. Contact them today, and demand better.