Woke Church Leaders Smear Christian Nationalists

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Partnering With Secularists, Woke Evangelicals Attack Patriotic Christians

Wokepedia News Article Written by Micah Sample

A number of well-known Christian evangelical leaders have conspired together in an effort to discredit and dismantle Christian patriotism in the United States. An online statement entitled “Christians Against Christian Nationalism” condemns the influence of Christianity upon American government and culture outright. The statement takes advantage of rampant pietism in order to neuter Christian activism.

Some of the most notable positions in the document include the following points:

“One’s religious affiliation, or lack thereof, should be irrelevant to one’s standing in the civic community.”

“As Christians, we must speak in one voice condemning Christian nationalism as a distortion of the gospel of Jesus and a threat to American democracy.”

“It [Christian Nationalism] often overlaps with and provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation.”

“Government should not prefer one religion over another or religion over nonreligion.”

In other words, signers of the statement agree that Christian ethics should have no bearing on civic standing, that Christian nationalism is outright heretical, that Christian nationalists are white supremacists and racial subjugators, and that government should be a purely secular institution.

Several “big evangelical” figures have attached their signatures to this statement, evidencing their agreement with all of the above points, and more. Some of the most notable names include Jim Wallis (President and Founder of Sojourners), Tony Campolo (Founder of the Red Letter Christian Movement), Rob Schenck (President of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer Institute), Michael B. Curry (Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church), Jim Winkler (President and General Secretary of the National Council of the Churches of Christ), and Paul Baxley (Executive Coordinator of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship).’

At Wokepedia, our position is that Christians should be influential in the political sphere, and that governments should not be given over to the false gods of secularism. The grouping of any Christian that opposes pietism into a camp, then labeling that camp evil, or that it is an overstepping of God-ordained boundaries, is simply false. This is a distraction that specifically seeks to convert people to pietism, so that woke ideologies can march on with less opposition. The signers of Christians Against Christian Nationalism have committed the sin of bearing false witness against actual Christian patriots, and they should be called to repentance.